Welcome to Roughrider Freeride, home of the Roughrider Canyon and a hub for freeride and downhill in the Southwest. We are a mountain bike club with a focus on XC, Enduro, DH and Freeride. Our access to a dedicated venue, The Roughrider Canyon, puts us in a unique and pivotal position to promote the sport cycling within the region.

Roughrider Canyon

The canyon is located just outside of El Paso in Horizon City. It is a beautiful area with wide open spaces and steep ridges and is a sight to be seen on or off the bike. Initially, the canyon only had super gnarly downhill specific trails and features but has expanded over the years to include XC, Enduro, Jump Zones and beginner downhill.


Access is granted by invitation or through club membership. Club fees go to shuttle road maintenance, events and promotion. Our goal is to continue to develop the trail network and preserve access for future generations.

RoughRider Canyon Enduro
Apr 22nd, 2017

Enduro race
First RoughRider Enduro race coming in 2017. By popular demand we will be opening the canyon for an epic enduro race.